Seriously Trump?

The USA TODAY Network report found at least 60 lawsuits, along with hundreds of liens, judgments and government filings that involved very small businesses and contract employees who said they were not paid and had little ability to fight back against a Trump litigation machine. These included a glass company, a carpet company, a plumber, multiple painters, real estate brokers, 48 waiters, dozens of bartenders and — ironically — several law firms that had represented him in these suits.

USA Today


Holly Cunha (¿Judas?)

El declive de Eduardo Cunha, pastor evangélico, dueño de innumerables dominios web con la palabra Jesús, comenzó el 5 de mayo, cuando –debido a las acusaciones de corrupción y lavado de dinero que pendían sobre él– el Tribunal Supremo Federal le apartó provisionalmente del cargo de presidente de la Cámara.

El País