Sorry guys 

So far, Trump’s choices — including top jobs for a trio of veterans of Goldman Sachs, a firm he blasted at campaign rallies — haven’t reflected the populist impulses that fueled his appeal to some white working-class voters or his vow to “drain the swamp” in Washington of donors and other insiders.

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Tech and cars

A device that lets thieves steal cars that use key fobs has been identified by a national watchdog group. The device, which allows a person to open car doors, start vehicles and drive them away suggests the auto industry is entering a perilous new frontier in which tech-savvy criminals can bypass the keyless theft-prevention countermeasures installed on certain recent models.

Seriously Mad Dog?

And unlike many former generals, who return from battle saying they never want to fight another war, Mattis says he loves fighting and killing. He told Iraqi leaders, “If you f— with me I’ll kill you all.” He said fighting the Taliban is “a hell of a hoot” and added, “It’s fun to shoot some people.”

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